Migration support

Visadoc by Biro Strategy is a digital marketplace for migration-specific documents, templates and market data.

Bridging new beginnings

We harness our expansive expertise in business consulting, market research, and strategic writing to provide unparalleled support in migration-related business matters. As we partner with leading migration professionals, our offerings blend seamlessly into Australia’s dynamic migration landscape.

  1. Business consulting: our experienced team assists in crafting robust 188, 482/ENS, and GTI visa business plans, ensuring your business intention aligns perfectly with Australian regulations and potential market opportunities.
  2. Strategic writing and content creation: from digital marketing content, pitch decks, and training plans to GTI market salary reports, genuine position reports, and business profile reports, we provide articulate and insightful materials to your business objectives.
  3. Industry and market research: stay ahead with our in-depth market research data, investment portfolio reports, and financial forecasts, all designed to grant you a strategic advantage in the Australian market.
  4. Collaborative migration approach: we work hand-in-hand with registered migration agents, financial professionals, and commercial lawyers, ensuring a cohesive strategy for businesses and individuals aiming to make a meaningful impact in Australia.
  5. Business migration strategy and consulting: dive deep into Australia’s business terrain with our tailored consulting services. Understand market trends, regulatory landscapes, and potential growth avenues, ensuring your business endeavour in Australia starts on firm footing.
  6. Cultural transition workshops: venturing into a new market requires understanding its cultural nuances. Our workshops offer an in-depth exploration of Australian business culture, societal norms, and local market preferences, enabling you to engage effectively and authentically.
  7. Post-arrival support: we provide resources and guidance on settlement processes, local business etiquette, networking opportunities, and more, ensuring you are well-integrated into the Australian business community.
  8. Workshops for business interests: for those keen on understanding the intricacies of doing business in Australia, we organise specialised workshops.
    • Market entry strategy sessions: understand the Australian market landscape, key players, and potential challenges.
    • Regulatory and compliance workshops: navigate Australia’s business regulations, ensuring your business remains compliant.
    • Networking events: connect with local industry leaders, potential partners, and business councils to foster collaboration.
    • Investment opportunities seminars: gain insights into promising sectors, local investment climates, and funding opportunities.

Our blend of strategic business insights and deep understanding of the migration journey positions us uniquely to be your trusted partner in this endeavour; trust us to illuminate your path in the Australian business world.